Marketing For Photographers

 I work with photographers who are great at taking pictures but not so great at making money. Nearly all photographers become professionals because they love the art of photography, not because they love marketing or want to become salespeople. How about you?

I’m a professional photographer myself, working in the trenches day in and day out just like you. What you will learn are not classroom theories or wild guesses, but tried and tested systems in use not only in my own photography business, but in my clients businesses too. I’ve already helped hundreds of photographers just like you, get more clients and make more money.

10 years ago marketing was simple. You put an ad in the Yellow Pages, the local paper and a wedding magazine or two and the phone rang. None of those work anymore and a large proportion of what has replaced them either doesn’t work either, costs a fortune or is extremely complicated, and very often all three!

What you will learn here are simple to use strategies that will cost you very little to implement, and can very often be free. And there is no risk on your part. I wouldn’t just start giving money to someone just because they asked for it, and I don’t expect you to either, so there are lots of free samples for you to download and get started with today.