About Us

Hi. I’m Paul Spiers, owner of The Successful Photographers Club. I’ve been featured in the BJP, Professional Photographer, Photo Pro and Image Maker magazines.

I run a social photography business based in Shropshire, but before becoming a professional photographer I worked in direct sales where I trained and managed marketing departments, & direct sales teams in various industries.

The fundamentals of sales and marketing can be hard to understand when you’re just starting out as a professional photographer, so I designed a system to make it easier to get to grips with. The money making systems I teach are not just classroom theories, I use them within my own photography business and have done for many years. And now many successful photographers across the UK use my systems as the basis for their marketing.

But merely leaning the secrets to making more money from your photography is only part of the process, and if you stop there, your business will fail. To reap the rewards from the strategies we teach, you will have to do something many people don’t do, take action.

Most photographers who attend seminars go away with their new knowledge and do nothing. Why? The answer is simple, Fear. Fear of failure or of looking stupid. Fear that they have been conned by the guy who sold them the information. Fear of being wrong. Fear of what other people will think.

Part of the success of my unique system is that I stay in touch with you. I don’t just want to pass on knowledge, I want the photographers I work with to succeed, and that philosophy is at the core of everything I do.