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What are you great at?

I doubt many of you reading this, if any, will answer “marketing”, “selling” or “business planning” or you wouldn’t be here. I’d hope most of you can say “photography”.

Being a professional photographer is one of those jobs that many people dream of, but nearly all working photographers (over 80%) are either self employed or freelancers. This fact is usually enough to put most people off, after all, running your own business is scary. No more wages going straight into your bank account every month regardless of how much or little work you actually do. 

Being self employed means you are on your own. No work means no mortgage payment and no food on the table. Are you about to take that step? Or have you already taken that step and are now struggling to get by each month? Or maybe you want to do better than “just getting by”?

Been There – Done That

You have come to the right place. Without blowing my own trumpet, (but I’m sure you’ll forgive me doing a little “selling” here), I know how you are feeling. As well as having over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, I also run my own wedding photography & events photography business, and I have been a partner in a portrait studio, so I know the problems you face.


Great Photography Is Not Enough!

If you have been trading for a while you will already know that if you have nothing to photograph, your photography skills are not going to pay the bills. There are photography businesses making lots of money, and they have continued to make lots of money through the credit crunch/recession. These studio owners all have one of 3 things in common. Either…

  1. They are great at sales & marketing, or
  2. They hire someone who is great at marketing or
  3. They learn from someone who is great at marketing

Don’t get me wrong, the better your work is the more money you could make from it, but only because it is easier to sell a great product than it is to sell rubbish. But you can sell rubbish.

We both know that from the list above, item number one does not describe you. So if you want to be successful, all you have to decide is which of the other two you want to describe you? Are you going to hire a marketing consultant to do the work for you, or are you going to discover the skills you need from a mentor?


Whilst doing market research for the Inner-Circle Club I enquired with a marketing consultant as to how much it would cost to have them work with me on my photography business on an on-going basis, rather than a one off consultation. Check this out for yourself, make a few calls, I’m not making these numbers up….

The guy I called wanted a £1,000 per month retainer & 10% of the profit he generated

For that he would spend 1 day per month at my business & be available for a “quick chat” on the phone once a week.

You’ll be relived to hear that membership of the Inner-Circle will cost you much, much less than that, and I wont be asking for a percentage of your profits.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join….

Frequent emails with tried and tested systems and strategies on a whole host of subjects, plus at least one free download. These are not classroom theories, but systems and tools that I use in my photography business to make me money, so I know they will make you money if used correctly.

Here is a brief summery of some of the marketing secrets you will learn as an Inner-Circle member…

Differentiate and Dominate – Stop competing, start wining
Give Them An Image – Why you might have lost the game before you even started
The Product Service Package – What you should be selling and how to sell it
The Marketing Story – What is your story? And why it matters
Web Site Guide – What your site should & shouldn’t say, and why
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO – How to improve your rankings on Google, Yahoo! & Bing
Advertising – What to avoid and how to make it work
Marketing Automation – Time saving systems that make you money
Selling Techniques & Strategies – Improve your conversion rates – book more weddings
Working With Other Vendors – Getting other businesses to want to promote you for FREE
Referral Marketing – If you have been in business for any length of time, you are sitting on a goldmine. I’ll show you how you can turn that into cash in your pocket
Copywriting – Writing effective sales copy is an area that 99% of businesses can improve upon. I’ll teach you how to write sales letters & website text that people want to respond to.
Wealth Attraction Strategies – You won’t become successful by accident, or because of luck.So why do some people succeed while others fail?
Instant Access To Members The Area  – Most of the training is delivered by email. In addition to your email messages you will have instant access to a wealth of reports and documents that you can download. The subjects include PPC, SEO, copywriting, goal setting, web 2.0 and much more.


I think it would be unfair of me to teach members to compete against each other, so I only allow one member per area.

Bonus #1   Analysis and/or Critiques – Before you send out that sales letter, have flyers printed or edit your website text, let me proof read it for you. One free critique per month – Value £97 each

Bonus #2   A collection of marketing documents that I have either written, or given critique on for other photographers. These are not available anywhere outside the Inner-Circle

Bonus #3   Personal Coaching – You will have access to me via email. Contact me with any sales or marketing questions or concerns that you need resolving. Not available outside The Inner-Circle Club

Bonus #4   15% Discount at Viewfinder Photography – Members receive a 15% discount on any purchase from Viewfinder Photography of Leicester

With bonuses worth over £100 per month, exclusive content not available elsewhere, and email support when needed, you would rightly be expecting a 3 figure monthly fee. But I didn’t want The Inner-Circle to only be available to those select few photographers with big budgets to spend on their education.

The guys over at the NPS have done me a few favours of late so to return the favour I’ve put together a very special offer for their forum members

Try the Inner-Circle Club today for 7 days and pay nothing. If you decide it is not for you, just cancel your subscription before day 8 and you will not be billed. Your investment for subsequent months would usually be £29 per month for platinum level membership, but join us today and you get this for only £10 per month with no minimum term.


You don’t have to be in business on your own! For less than 32p per day you can receive the type of support that would normally cost you more than a new DSLR.

PS. Don’t forget, only one member per area is admitted, once an area is taken, its gone for good! Don’t let your competitors beat you to it.

No risk, iron clad guarantee.

We have taken away all the risk, try us for free. If having joined the Inner-Circle you decide it is not for you, just cancel your monthly subscription at any time and we can give your place to someone else.

If you are serious about your photography business and serious about being successful, investing in your education has to be your first priority. With a years membership priced at less than many photography seminars, I firmly believe there is no better investment you can make in yourself and your future success.

“What you already know has got you to where you are now.

So what will take you forward?”


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