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The SPC Referral Marketing System will show you how to supercharge your photography business, even if you know nothing about marketing and have no money available to spend on advertising.


Most photographers start their businesses through referrals. A friend may ask them to photograph their wedding or to take some pictures of their new baby. They do it and think to themselves “Hey, I could do this for a living”.


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So they tell everyone they know to tell all their friend if they need a professional photographer to give you a call. They get some business cards printed and put them in shop windows and hand them out to anyone who will listen to them.

But ask just about any professional photographer what they do to actively encourage referrals and you’ll get the “how can you encourage referrals?” blank stare.


What can I say but wow! Informative, indepth and incredibly incisive.

Mike – Wedding Photographer

If referral marketing is such a fantastic source of free leads, why are photographers not doing more to help the process?

The answer is fear.

Photographers often tell me that the way they generate a good proportion of new business is through referral marketing. Yet they don’t seem to grasp the power of this statement. Few if any photographers are doing anything to harness the true power of referral marketing by building a systematic referral marketing system and making it the cornerstone of their marketing plan.

So what is so good about having a system for referrals?

Referrals are very often hot prospects right from the start.

People who are referred to a business tend to spend more money.

Referrals are very cost-effective, In some cases free


I must congratulate you Paul, it really is a comprehensive business model and I have not seen as much relevant information concisely put anywhere.

I think it answers the “what is the most effective way to generate business” question.

Angie – Portrait Photographer

When you purchase this system you will learn…

What a systematic approach looks like and how to build one

How to build a referral network

Lead acquisition strategies

Examples of unique referral marketing strategies

The different types of referral

How to convert a referral into a customer (they don’t all just say yes)

How to define your USP

How to create an Elevator Pitch

And most importantly, actual samples of letters you can use to send to your existing customers to generate referrals.

A way to generate new business on auto-pilot


Most of what you will learn will take a little work to put in place, but once you have your referral marketing system up and running, all you need do is fine tune the machine.


I’ve received the SPC Referral System and I’m really impressed. It’s much more than a referral system and I think you might be underselling it quite a lot.

Neil – Wedding & Event Photographer

So What’s Included

68 Page SPC Referral Marketing System Manual

101 Referral Gift Ideas Book

Superstar Referral Marketers Report

The Word of Mouth Manual Vol 2

All The Referrals You Can Handle audio interview in MP3 format

All this for only £97

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